Retaining competent counsel to take your part in establishing and pursuing your best entitlement in a workers compensation case may demand that you do a bit more checking than simply hiring the actor soliciting your call on Tic Tok, YouTube or other media.

The media solicitations inviting your call may be hooked up with a “mill” located 500 miles away and which processes scores of monthly claims. The sheer volume of “flipping” claims processed from the media suggests an agency preference for greater numbers of “clients” rather than quality in crafting a substantial and personalized legal outcome.


When you “dig in” to find out more about the workers comp attorney Santa Rosa, you gain confidence the attorney knows you and your needs. The jungle of workers’ compensation procedures can be complex.  Although not without frustration tied to common delays, your professional rapport with your workers comp attorney and their team will likely yield dividends in your peace of mind and the high-quality outcome you deserve.  Your attorney will develop the evidence you need to sustain your burden of proof before the work comp carrier and the work comp Courts of law, if necessary.  So, “drill down” on information about which workers compensation specialist you want on your side.

What to Look For

Find out if the law firm is a “revolving door” for attorneys in training and who are just passing through on their way to their next job. I think this is important, don’t you?  It’s a good guess you’re going to want “meaty” results and your local workers comp attorney in Santa Rosa can achieve this for you and with you.  Outcomes are, of course, important to every client.  The path to putting together the outcome, however, can be long and require regular advocacy along the way, sometimes weekly.

To work with a “good” worker’s comp attorney in Northern California is important. When that attorney has a hard-working crew to enhance entitlements along the way, this becomes equally important…. Just ask my clients!

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