There is an aspect of the California Labor code not widely understood by the general public.  For that matter, many practicing lawyers that represent workers do not seem to understand this common entitlement.  In circumstances where overall disability reaches or exceeds 70%, an authentic analysis of the extent to which the last work injury contributes to the global disability should commence incorporating pre-existing disability that makes the last work injury worse. By bringing overall disability to 70% or more, additional monetary compensation to the injured worker can be payable by the state agency, subsequent injuries benefit trust fund (SIBTF).  When you interview a workman’s compensation attorney near me in Santa Rosa, make sure this attorney confirms knowledge and experience with LC section 4751 et seq.

When this firm develops evidence to sustain our client’s burden of proof, we are careful to gather all the evidence not only concerning your current work injury, but all the information including past injuries that can be considered to be contributing to your overall “global” disability.  By gathering this important information, we engineer what turns out to be a significant stream of tax-exempt monetary payment directly to our clients, often for the rest of their lives.

When searching for work comp specialists near me in Santa Rosa, be sure to inquire with the attorneys you interview whether they know about these laws and find out about their previous experience recovering these substantial monetary payments for their clients. Demand a detailed analysis of how these laws apply to you.  If the attorney seems like they do not understand the topic, keep shopping for your proper law firm.  You can evaluate the attorney’s knowledge about these laws whether you see a workers compensation lawyer near me in Santa Rosa or expand your search to a different workers compensation attorney in Northern California.  Our clients regularly attribute “the roof over their head” and the “food on their table” to the outcome of the efforts we make to garner these funds for our clients.  We consider your legal rights and entitlements of utmost importance.  Not all attorneys are alike.  You should shop around and find the firm that’s the best “fit” for you and your goals.

Remember: We do not charge for a consultation, it’s free.  There is no attorney fee to you if this office does not recover money for you from our efforts: the more you win the better for all of us.

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