Ask yourself this: will your employer like you more if you don’t file your on-the-job injury? Will your employer pay for the kind and character of medical treatment your physician recommends if you don’t file your work comp claim of injury? Although we all hope on-the-job injuries are transitional and likely to soon disappear, some injuries create lifetime impairments that never seem to go away or are even catastrophic. Filing your work comp claim associated with a work-related injury is simple. It creates the kind of record that someday you may need to fall back on.

The work comp insurance carrier will “stand in the shoes of your employer.” If you don’t timely file your claim, the work comp carrier will push back and is likely to argue the injury never occurred. It isn’t hard to file the one-page form!

Filing a claim is simple but must be lodged with your employer in a timely way. A great way to get this done is with a DWC-1 Claim Form filled out by the injured party and signed and served on the employer. The work comp carrier then takes over the handling of the claim. This can be quickly handled by competent counsel under whose supervision the claimant is less likely to suffer “blowback” from the employer or the employer’s insurance company.

Asserting such a claim can generate temporary total disability indemnity (calculated at 2/3 of your average weekly wage from all income at the time of your injury). Other monetary benefit entitlements are also secured when your claim is timely and appropriately filed, in addition, medical care to “cure or relieve” from the effects of your injury often becomes the liability of the work comp carrier and can effectively follow you for the rest of your life when secured appropriately.

Your workers’ compensation attorney keeps an eye on the stream of entitlements tied to your legitimate injury and your work-comp attorney is poised to “straighten out” any “misunderstanding” the work comp claims professional may assert. Clients like this about us!

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