It is sometimes not understood by claimants of a work-related injury that there exists economic adversity between the claimant and the employer’s work-comp carrier. This is monetary adversity and oftentimes when the work-comp carrier mitigates liability, it diminishes the claimant’s entitlements to medical costs, treatment, and monetary recoveries. Some folks assume that the work-comp claims adjuster has the claimant’s best interests in mind. This is rarely the case.

Work-comp insurance carriers have a statutory duty to timely and appropriately investigate claims and adjust entitlements in accordance with the claims adjuster’s interpretation.

Frequently, legitimate alternate interpretations greatly augment the claimant’s monetary and medical entitlements. Under a different analysis than that brought by the insurance claims adjuster, the claimant will likely obtain a better recovery. So, what’s good for the claimant might be expensive for the insurance carrier.

The reverse is also correct: what saves the insurance carrier money might not be in the best interest of the claimant. This economic adversity frequently leads to conflicts between the claimant and the work-comp claims adjuster. Your work-comp attorney will understand how to enforce your legal rights, even when the insurance company doesn’t want to voluntarily give you what you ask for.

There are lawful ways to obtain what you ask for under the supervision of counsel that understands the procedures you may not be familiar with. Our clients like this about us!

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